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MISNet WebHosting Services

$25.00 per month
$100 setup fee
20 Megabytes of server space
10 Email Accounts
Domain Registration Included
35$ per year domain re-registration

MISNet's web hosting services provide an easy and affordable way for you to establish an Internet presence for your business. The setup fee includes all charges that you will incur to get your domain name registered and setup on our servers.  We will register and pay for your domain name while you still retain the ownership as if you had registered it yourself.   Each web hosting account includes 20 megabytes of storage space on our server that can be used for your web pages or any other files that you need to have accessible to the Internet. Additional space is available in blocks of 20 megabytes for an additional charge of $10 per month. You will also get 10 Email accounts that you can customize to your domain. Additional Email accounts are available in blocks of 10 for an additional charge of $10 per month.

Please contact domainhosting@misn.com for more information regarding our contracted service packages.

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