460 Ford Dyno Graph


Here is a screen capture from the DynoMax program showing how it's graphing looks to the user. The graphs can be printed and defined easily to show any of the recorded data from a test. This particular graph is from my 460 Ford engine which was built for my pickup truck. The blue line is the torque, the magenta one horsepower and the black one is total engine air flow recorded by the airflow turbine. As you can see, the torque peaked down low at about 2800rpm where the engine made 490lb/ft. The horsepower peak was at 4400 rpm were the engine made 330 horsepower. One of the nice features of the graphing in DynoMax is the ease with which you can "overlay" one graph on top of another. This allows much easier comparison from pull to pull. Also it allows you to see trends and it makes it easier to spot a change that may have reduced peak horsepower or torque but broadened the range of the engine which might be of greater value on the race track.