At the time of this writing Reed Cams Inc of Stockbridge GA is out of business. The future does not seem bright for the company so it's somewhat unlikely that they will be open for business again. All is not lost however because many of their grinds are avaliable through Steve Demos at Demos' Cams.

As of right now Demos' Cams does not have any cataloging either online or in print that lists data on the lobes that are available. As it turns out I just happened to save the web pages from the Reed Cams website which I have posted here on the web. It's nothing fancy but there is data on flat tappet solid and hydraulic lobes. The data is reasonably complete and most of the common lobes are listed. Data on lash and lift at TDC when installed on various centerlines is also listed.


Torque Master Hydraulic FT

Sod Buster Hydraulic FT

Sod Buster Mechanical FT

XS Mechanical FT

AP Mechanical FT Series

XC Drag/Pulling FT Profiles(high RPM)

X-UL Road Race & Marine FT Profiles

T-UL Street/Strip, Oval Track and Drag FT

TA-UL Street/Strip, Oval Track and Drag FT

TF Oval Track Profiles for Ford .875 Lifter FT

XUL-F Drag Race Profiles High Lift

GTL Restricted 2 Barrel Oval Track .842 FT Profiles

FTL Restricted and 2 barrel Oval Track .875 Lifter FT

CTL Restricted and 2 Barrel Circle Track .904 Lifter FT

F-WC Winston Cup NASCAR FT Profiles


Dave McLain